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I've been in various marketing roles for nearly 20 years now (where does the time go?) and I'm of the opinion that marketing is one of the most fun and exciting jobs out there. Well, it is if you're doing it right... or at least learning something along the way.

My Background

I've been in Marketing "full time" since 1996, when I stepped into a product marketing role for Applix Inc (now owned by IBM). Years before that, however, I was "PR Manager and Coordinator" at Sinper Corporation - where that was just one of many hats I wore daily.

At Applix, I focused on high-tech, B2B marketing with a heavy emphasis on electronic communications. In 2001, I moved to Suburban Propane, where the focus was on B2C, primarily residential sales of energy and related services. A much different market and customer segment, it was also much more reliant on print marketing, so that was another fantastic learning opportunity. Part of my role in coming on board was to manage their new marketing database — enabling more targeted promotions, 1-to-1 marketing capability, and measurement of marketing's impact on company growth.

In 2004, I took on the marketing of HomeTown Hearth & Grill retail stores as well. HomeTown was a premier, almost boutique, retailer of high-end fireplaces and grills (and more), operating in select markets across the US, and (at the time) wholly owned by Suburban (I believe Suburban divested that business a few years after my position was eliminated, and it now operates primarily out of the Pacific Northwest).

After my tenure at Suburban & HomeTown, I moved from a marketing generalist position to a specialist role at Chubb Insurance, managing their marketing database, helping them to expand its use to get even more value out of it, and creating and implementing digital communications for corporate, business unit and field campaigns, using that platform.

Most recently I transitioned into a Customer Insights/Market Research role, working with research vendors and business partners to implement and analyze qualitative and quantitative studies — to help inform strategic business decisions, marketing and branding efforts, better understand purchase drivers for new target markets, measure and manage customer experience, among other initiatives.

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